On 2016/09/07 17:56, Rajkumar Raghuwanshi wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a query regarding list partitioning,
> For example if I want to store employee data in a table, with "IT" dept
> employee in emp_p1 partition, "HR" dept employee in emp_p2 partition and if
> employee belongs to other than these two, should come in emp_p3 partition.
> In this case not sure how to create partition table. Do we have something
> like we have UNBOUNDED for range partition or oracle have "DEFAULT" for
> list partition.
> create table employee (empid int, dept varchar) partition by list(dept);
> create table emp_p1 partition of employee for values in ('IT');
> create table emp_p2 partition of employee for values in ('HR');
> create table emp_p3 partition of employee for values in (??);

Sorry, no such feature is currently offered.  It might be possible to
offer something like a "default" list partition which accepts values other
than those specified for other existing partitions.  However, that means
if we add a non-default list partition after a default one has been
created, the implementation must make sure that it moves any values from
the default partition that now belong to the newly created partition.


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