The first look at the patch:

On 8/30/16, Peter Eisentraut <peter.eisentr...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> Here is another attempt to implement identity columns.  This is a
> standard-conforming variant of PostgreSQL's serial columns.
> ...
> Some comments on the implementation, and where it differs from previous
> patches:
> - The new attidentity column stores whether a column is an identity
> column and when it is generated (always/by default).  I kept this
> independent from atthasdef mainly for he benefit of existing (client)
> code querying those catalogs, but I kept confusing myself by this, so
> I'm not sure about that choice.  Basically we need to store four
> distinct states (nothing, default, identity always, identity by default)
> somehow.

I don't have a string opinion which way is preferred. I think if the
community is not against it, it can be left as is.

> ...
> - I did not implement the restriction of one identity column per table.
> That didn't seem necessary.

I think it should be mentioned in docs' "Compatibility" part as a PG's
extension (similar to "Zero-column Tables").

> ...
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1. Is your patch implements T174 feature? Should a corresponding line
be changed in src/backend/catalog/sql_features.txt?
2. Initializing attidentity in most places is ' ' but makefuncs.c has
"n->identity = 0;". Is it correct?
3. doc/src/sgml/ref/create_table.sgml (5th chunk) has "TODO". Why?
4. There is "ADD GENERATED", but the standard says it should be "SET
GENERATED" (ISO/IEC 9075-2 Subcl.11.20)
5. In ATExecAddIdentity: is it a good idea to check whether
"attTup->attidentity" is the same as the given in "(ADD) SET
GENERATED" and do nothing (except changing sequence's options) in
addition to strict checking for "unset" (" ")?
6. In ATExecDropIdentity: is it a good idea to do nothing if the
column is already not a identity (the same behavior as DROP NOT
7. Is there any reason to insert CREATE_TABLE_LIKE_IDENTITY before

Why do you change catversion.h? It can lead conflict when other
patches influence it are committed...

I'll have a closer look soon.

Best regards,
Vitaly Burovoy

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