On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Christian Ullrich <ch...@chrullrich.net> wrote:
> Much apologizings for coming in late again, but I just realized it would be
> better if the user-controlled flags came after all predefined options the
> user might want to override. Right now that is only /verbosity in both build
> and clean operations.
> Patch attached, also reordering the ecpg-clean command line in clean.bat to
> match the others that have the project file first.

-        "msbuild $buildwhat.vcxproj $msbflags /verbosity:normal
+        "msbuild $buildwhat.vcxproj /verbosity:normal $msbflags

Why not... If people are willing to switch to /verbosity:detailed and
double the amount of build time...

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