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> Fixed patch in attach.

It'd helpful if you summarize the changes made when posting revisions.

>> * There are no tests. I don't see any really simple way to test this,
>> though.
> I will be grateful if you specify the best way how to do it. I tests this
> patches by pgjdbc driver tests that also build on head of postgres. You
> check test scenario for both patches in
> PRhttps://github.com/pgjdbc/pgjdbc/pull/550

Yeah, testing it isn't trivial in postgres core, since of course none of
the tools know to send a client-initiated CopyDone.

My suggestion is to teach pg_recvlogical to send CopyDone on the first
SIGINT (control-C) and wait until the server ends the data-stream and
returns to command mode. A second control-C should unilaterally close the
connection and it should close after a timeout too. This will be backward
compatible with 9.4/5/6 (just with a delay on exit by sigint).

Then in a TAP test in src/test/recovery set up a logical decoding session
with test_decoding and pg_recvlogical. Do a test xact then sigint
pg_recvlogical and verify that it exits. To make sure it exited by mutual
agreement with server, probably run pg_recvlogival at a higher debug level
and text search for a message you print from pg_recvlogical when it gets
server CopyDone in the response to client CopyDone. I don't think a
different pg_recvlogical numeric exit code could be justified for this.

It sounds like more work than I think it would actually be.

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