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> I really don't like this solution.  Changing this one function, out of the
> dozens just like it in lsyscache.c, seems utterly random and arbitrary.
> I'm actually not especially convinced that passing domain_in a random
> OID needs to not produce an XX000 error.  That isn't a user-facing
> function and people shouldn't be calling it by hand at all.  The same
> goes for record_in.  But if we do want those cases to avoid this,
> I think it's appropriate to fix it in those functions, not decree
> that essentially-random other parts of the system should bear the
> responsibility.  (Thought experiment: if we changed the order of
> operations in domain_in so that getBaseTypeAndTypmod were no longer
> the first place to fail, would we undo this change and then change
> wherever the failure had moved to?  That's pretty messy.)
> In the case of record_in, it seems like it'd be easy enough to use
> lookup_rowtype_tupdesc_noerror() instead of lookup_rowtype_tupdesc()
> and then throw a user-facing error right there.

Actually when we are passing invalid type to "record_in", error is
thrown in "lookup_type_cache" function, and this function is not
taking "no_error" input (it's only limited to

One option is to pass "no_error" parameter to "lookup_type_cache"
function also, and throw error only in record_in function.
But problem is, "lookup_type_cache" has lot of references. And also
will it be good idea to throw one generic error instead of multiple
specific errors. ?

Another option is to do same for "record_in" also what you have
suggested for domain_in (an extra syscache lookup). ?

>Not sure about a
> nice solution for domain_in.  We might have to resort to an extra
> syscache lookup there, but even if we did, it should happen only
> once per query so that's not very awful.
>> 3. CheckFunctionValidatorAccess: This is being called from all
>> language validator functions.
> This part seems reasonable, since the validator functions are documented
> as something users might call, and CheckFunctionValidatorAccess seems
> like an apropos place to handle it.

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