On 2016/09/07 13:21, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
    * with the patch:
    postgres=# explain verbose delete from ft1 using ft2 where ft1.a =
                                                             QUERY PLAN
     Delete on public.ft1  (cost=100.00..102.04 rows=1 width=38)
       ->  Foreign Delete  (cost=100.00..102.04 rows=1 width=38)
             Remote SQL: DELETE FROM public.t1 r1 USING (SELECT ROW(a,
    b), a FROM public.t2) ss1(c1, c2) WHERE ((r1.a = ss1.c2))
    (3 rows)

The underlying scan on t2 requires ROW(a,b) for locking the row for
update/share. But clearly it's not required if the full query is being
pushed down.


Is there a way we can detect that ROW(a,b) is useless
column (not used anywhere in the other parts of the query like
RETURNING, DELETE clause etc.) and eliminate it?

I don't have a clear solution for that yet, but I'll try to remove that in the next version.

Similarly for a, it's
part of the targetlist of the underlying scan so that the WHERE clause
can be applied on it. But it's not needed if we are pushing down the
query. If we eliminate the targetlist of the query, we could construct a
remote query without having subquery in it, making it more readable.

Will try to do so also.

Thanks for the comments!

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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