On 8 Sep. 2016 7:38 am, "Robins Tharakan" <thara...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> An SQL (with only information_schema related JOINS) when triggered, runs
with max CPU (and never ends - killed after 2 days).
> - It runs similarly (very slow) on a replicated server that acts as a
read-only slave.
> - Top shows only postgres as hitting max CPU (nothing else). When query
killed, CPU near 0%.
> - When the DB is restored on a separate test server (with the exact
postgresql.conf) the same query works fine.
> - There is no concurrent usage on the replicated / test server (although
the primary is a Production server and has concurrent users).
> Questions:
> - If this was a postgres bug or a configuration issue, query on the
restored DB should have been slow too. Is there something very basic I am
missing here?
> If someone asks for I could provide SQL + EXPLAIN, but it feels
irrelevant here. I amn't looking for a specific solution but what else
should I be looking for here?

Get a series of stack traces.

Perf with stack output would be good too.

You need debug info for both.

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