On 2016-09-08 18:13:06 -0300, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> I suppose -I$(srcdir) should be fine.  (Why the quotes?)

Because quoting correctly seems like a good thing to do? Most people
won't have whitespace in there, but it doesn't seem impossible?

> > check-world appears to mostly run (still doing so, but it's mostly
> > through everything relevant).

Passed successfully since.

> > I can't vouch for the windows stuff, and
> > the invocations indeed look vulnerable. I'm not sure if hte fix actually
> > matters on windows, given . is the default for pretty much everything
> > there.
> Well, maybe it doesn't matter now but as I understand the fix is going
> to enter the next stable upstream perl, so it'll fail eventually.  It'd
> be saner to just fix the thing completely so that we can forget about
> it.

Yea, it'd need input from somebody on windows. Michael? What happens if
you put a line remove . from INC (like upthread) in the msvc stuff?



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