> > See how it's HTMLised the foreign key name?  I cannot find how $keyname in
> > the code is being html escaped.  Perhaps it's some weird taint mode thing?
> Not to mention when it's <unnamed>, the code is setup to ignore the
> constraint name entirely (line 267).

I worked around it by checking to see if it equalled '&lt;unnamed&gt;' as
well as '<unnamed>'.  I also have heaps of RI triggers left over after the
addepend run, so I'll investigate why adddepend doesn't pick them up...

> There isn't anything that changes the value of $keyname after it's
> pulled from the DBI drivers.  What version of DBI::Pg are you using?
> Last time I used it was with DBI::Pg v1.13.

I'm using:

p5-DBD-Pg-1.21      Provides access to PostgreSQL databases through the
p5-DBI-1.28         The perl5 Database Interface.  Required for DBD::*


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