On 23 Feb 2003, Rod Taylor wrote:

> - Move SEQ_MAXVALUE, SEQ_MINVALUE definitions to sequence.h
> - Add check in pg_dump to see if the value returned is the max /min
> values and replace with NO MAXVALUE, NO MINVALUE.
> - Change START and INCREMENT to use START WITH and INCREMENT BY syntax. 
> This makes it a touch easier to port to other databases with sequences
> (Oracle).  PostgreSQL supports both syntaxes already.

+       char            bufm[100],
+                               bufx[100];

This seems to be an arbitary size. Why not set it to the actual maximum


+       snprintf(bufm, 100, INT64_FORMAT, SEQ_MINVALUE);
+       snprintf(bufx, 100, INT64_FORMAT, SEQ_MAXVALUE);

sizeof(bufm), sizeof(bufx) is probably the more
maintenance-friendly/standard way to do it.



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