>Personally I wouldn't be very happy about an IEEE754 assumption.
Ok, so let's avoid autoconf man. There is no real explanations of the
ground for this assumption, just a reference to paper of David
Goldberg (and there is no metion about IEEE754 is absoulte
everywhere). BTW, may be we can ask David Goldberg how to hack that
float properly? I do  not see any math sense in this:

pack_float(float actualValue, int realm)
  int realmAjustment = *((int*)&actualValue)/4;
  float something = *((float*)&realmAdjustment)
No wonder it's not in libs.
Nither I see a way to implement it with ldexp siblings.
>I did go to the trouble of testing Postgres on a VAX and we fixed the few
instances where it had such dependencies for a net gain.
Greg, could you please point out those places to see how exaclty it
should be #ifdef'd?

Regrads, Andrey Borodin.

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