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>> Out of interest, should the syntax allow room for future expansion to
>> permit reading from file rather than just string literal / column
>> reference? It'd be ideal to avoid reading big documents wholly into
>> memory when using INSERT INTO ... SELECT XMLTABLE (...) . I don't
>> suggest adding that to this patch, just making sure adding it later
>> would not cause problems.
> this is little bit different question - it is server side function, so first
> question is - how to push usually client side content to server? Next
> question is how to get this content to a executor. Now only COPY statement
> is able to do.

Probably start with support for server-side files. When people are
dealing with really big files they'll be more willing to copy files to
the server or bind them into the server file system over the network.

The v3 protocol doesn't really allow any way for client-to-server
streaming during a query, I think that's hopeless until we have a
protocol bump.

> updated patch attached - with your documentation.

Will take a look and a better read of the code. Likely tomorrow, I've
got work to do as well.

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