On 2016-09-13 12:43:36 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> > I think it's not necessarily about the current system, but more about
> > future uses of the WaitEventSet stuff. Some of that is going to use a
> > lot more sockets. E.g. doing a parallel append over FDWs.

(note that I'm talking about network sockets not cpu sockets here)

> All fine, but the burden of proof has to be on the patch to show that
> it does something significant.  We don't want to be carrying around
> platform-specific code, which necessarily has higher maintenance cost
> than other code, without a darn good reason.

No argument there.

> Also, if it's only a win on machines with dozens of CPUs, how many
> people are running *BSD on that kind of iron?  I think Linux is by
> far the dominant kernel for such hardware.  For sure Apple isn't
> selling any machines like that.

I'm not sure you need quite that big a machine, if you test a workload
that currently reaches the poll().



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