Four Reasons to use ILIKE, which have nothing to do with mSQL:

1) It's faster to type than most analagous regexp comparisons, and much faster 
than comparing two LOWERs or two UPPERS.

2) It's a great operator for comparing two text variables or columns of small 
tables where you don't want to worry about escaping the many items of regexp 

3) It's an easy search-and-replace operator for porting applications from SQL 
databases which automatically do case-insensitive comparisons using LIKE, 
such as MySQL and some installations of MSSQL.

4) It's just as indexible (or not indexable) as regexp comparisons, and easier 
to understand for users from the Microsoft world than regexp.

And, on a quick search, one of my applications uses ILIKE 21 times in the 
built in functions and views.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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