Robert Haas wrote:

> Hey, everybody: I intended to add this to the documentation before 9.6
> went out, but that didn't get done.  Maybe it'll have to happen later
> at this point, but can I get some advice on WHERE in the documentation
> this stuff could be added?  Assuming people agree it should be added?
> The major subsections of the documentation are "Tutorial", "The SQL
> Language", "Server Administration", "Client Interfaces", "Server
> Programming", "Reference",  "Internals", and "Appendixes", and it's
> not clear to me that parallel query fits very well into any of those
> categories.

I agree it should be added.  I suggest that it could even be added to
the 9.6 docs, if you can make it.

I think the sections "Tutorial" and "The SQL Language" are the most
reasonable places.  The latter seems to be exclusively about how to word
the queries rather than how they are executed, though adding a new
section before or after "Performance Tips" seems not completely

The "Tutorial" seems somewhat more than a tutorial these days, but it
seems much more lighter reading than what you have in that wiki page
anyway.  Perhaps it would be okay to add some simple text in the
"Advanced Features" section, and elaborate in the "The SQL Language"

(Aside: it seems strange to have a "The SQL Language" section inside the
"Tutorial" chapter and a separate "The SQL Language" chapter.)

I gave a quick look to I
think it reads a little strange still: it doesn't say that parallel
query is implemented on top of bgworkers, yet very early it suggests
that the max_parallel_degree value depends on the max_worker_processes
parameter without explaining why.  I think that could be clearer.
Also, the blurb about VACUUM/CLUSTER looks like it belongs in the "When
can parallel query be used" section rather than the intro.

> I feel like we need a new major division for operational issues that
> don't qualify as server administration - e.g. query performance
> tuning, parallel query, how to decide what indexes to create...

I'm not opposed to this idea.

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