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> Hello, this is the new version.
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> > > > This patch consists of the following files. Since these files are
> > > > splitted in strange criteria and order for historical reasons,
> > > > I'll reorganize this and post them later.
> The focus of this patch has changed. The first motivation was
> completing IF-EXISTS but the underlying issue was flexibility of
> psql_completion. And as Pavel's suggestion, keywords suggested
> along with database objects should follow the character case of
> input.
> For the purpose of resolving the issues, I reorganized the
> confused patch set. The attached patches are organized as the
> following.
> 1. Refactoring tab-complete to make psql_completion code
>   Does two things. One is moving out the macros that has grown to
>   be too large to stay in tab_completion.c to new file
>   tab-complete-macros.h The other is separating out the else-if
>   sequence in psql_completion() as a new function
>   psql_completion_internal(). This allows us to the following
>   things.
>   - Exit from arbitrary place in the former-else-if sequence just
>     by return.
>   - Do other than "if(matching) { completion }" in anywhere
>     convenient in the midst of the former-els...
>   - Recursively matching for sub syntaxes. EXPLAIN, RULE and
>     others are using this feature. (Needs the 4th patch to do
>     this, though)
> 2. Make keywords' case follow to input
>   Allow the keywords suggested along with databse objects to
>   follow the input letter case. The core part of this patch is a
>   new function additional_kw_query(), which dynamically generates
>   additional query string with specified keywords in the desired
>   letter case. COMPLETE_WITH_* macros are modified to accept the
>   function.
> 3. Fix suggested keywords to follow input in tab-completion session 2
>   The 2nd patch above leaves some query string containing static
>   keyword strings, which results in failure to follow input
>   letter cases. Most of them are naturally removed but role names
>   are a bother. This patch puts additional query strings for
>   several usage of roles but it might be overdone.
> 4. Introduce word shift and removal feature to psql-completion
>   This is the second core for the flexibility of completion code.
>   The word shift feature is the ability to omit first several
>   words in *MatchesN macros. For example this allows complete
>   create-schema's schema elements in a natural code. (Currently
>   those syntaxes that can be a schema elements are using
>   TailMatches instead of Matches, as the result HeadMatches are
>   not available there). The words removing feature is the ability
>   to (desructively) clip multiple suceessive words in the
>   previous_words list. This feature allows suceeding completion
>   code not to care about the removed words, such like UNIQUE,
> 5. Add suggestion for IF (NOT) EXISTS for some syntaxes
>   This adds IF (NOT) EXISTS suggestion, as a PoC.  This patch no
>   loger covers all adoptable syntaces since the places where more
>   than boilerplating is required are omitted.

I am working on some initial tests - a compilation, a patching is ok.
Autocomplete for DROP TABLE IF EXISTS doesn't work. CREATE TABLE IF NOT
EXIST works well



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