Okay guys, i've been a bit tight of time recently to move forward on
this, but I plan to do a small amount of work on the patches to clean
them up so they can be merged into the sources.

I'll also add a README to document what will need to be fudged in the
makefile to get it building. Hopefully this should be workable until
proper configure support is added?

I'd love to say i'd get this done some evening this week, but it's
unlikely. And i'm away in the States on business all next week... I'll
see what I can do...

Thanks, :Lee

Michael Meskes writes:
 > On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 09:23:38PM +0530, Shridhar Daithankar<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
 > wrote:
 > > I was just wondering.The patches for making ecpg thread safe that were 
 > > floating around few days back, are they going to make in any near future 
 > > releases?
 > I sure hope so. AFAIK there are some small issues with it. That's why
 > they aren't committed yet.
 > Michael

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