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> > After failing to make Itanium competitive, Intel is now downplaying
> > 64-bit CPU's.  Of course, they didn't think that until Itanium failed.
> > Here is the slashdot story:
> >
> > 
> > Seems AMD's hammer is going to be the popular 64-bit desktop CPU.
> It's really unsurprising; there was /no/ likelihood of Itanium getting
> widely deployed on desktops when there would be an absolute dearth of
> desktop software.
> Think back: Alpha was presented in /exactly/ the same role, years ago,
> and the challenges it had vis-a-vis:
>  a) Need for emulation to run legacy software that can't get recompiled;
>  b) Need to deploy varying binaries on the substantially varying
>     platforms;
>  c) It's real costly to be an early adoptor of new hardware, so the
>     hardware is expensive stuff.
> Certain sorts of "enterprise" software got deployed on Alpha, but you
> never got the ordinary stuff like MS Office and such, which meant there
> was no point to anyone pushing "desktop" software to Alpha.  And we
> thereby had the result that Alpha became server-only.
> Why should it be the slightest bit remarkable that IA-64 is revisiting
> the very same marketing challenges?  
> It has the very same set of technical challenges.
> It may well be that by the time it /is/ time to generally deploy IA-64,
> it will have become the Alpha platform.  After all, Compaq sold the
> architecture to Intel, and Alpha already has a mature set of hardware
> designs as well as compilers...
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