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> pgbench.sgml actually already had the "latency average = ..." version in its
> example. Even before this patch, we printed it with a "=" if one of options
> that caused per-transaction timings to be measured, like --rate, was used,
> and as ":" otherwise.
> - Heikki
I'm talking about the first example in pgbench.sgml.

Typical output from <application>pgbench</application> looks like:
transaction type: &lt;builtin: TPC-B (sort of)&gt;
scaling factor: 10
query mode: simple
number of clients: 10
number of threads: 1
number of transactions per client: 1000
number of transactions actually processed: 10000/10000
tps = 85.184871 (including connections establishing)
tps = 85.296346 (excluding connections establishing)

Shouldn't we include latency average here as well and explain what it is?

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