Sorry to be asking another phrase search syntax question, and so close
to final release, but ...
Really close...

Why does the phrase distance operator assume <1> means adjacent words,
and not <0>.  (FYI, <-> is the same as <1>.)
1 it is a result of subtruction of word's positions
2 <0> could be used as special case like a word with two infinitives:
# create text search dictionary xx (template = 'ispell', DictFile='ispell_sample', AffFile='ispell_sample'); # alter text search configuration english ALTER MAPPING FOR asciiword WITH xx, english_stem;

# select to_tsvector('english', 'bookings');
 'book':1 'booking':1

# select to_tsvector('english', 'bookings') @@ 'book <0> booking';
(1 row)

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