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> I thought removing the comment altogether was not appropriate, because
> it remains true that you want to work really hard to ensure that
> sizeof(ItemPointerData) is 6.  We're just giving up on pretense of support
> for compilers that don't believe that

Makes sense.

> .  I'm half tempted to introduce a
> StaticAssert about it, but refrained for the moment.
I also thought about that and it probably makes sense, at least to see how
buildfarm behaves. One reason to do so is that I did not find any
discussion or evidence of why SizeOfIptrData magic is no longer necessary
and to see if it was an unintentional change at some point.

> > While htup.h refactoring happened in 9.5, I don't see any point in back
> > patching this.
> Agreed.  Pushed to HEAD only.



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