On 09/24/2016 12:45 PM, Fabien COELHO wrote:
Although I cannot be absolutely sure that the refactoring does not
introduce any new bug, I'm convinced that it will be much easier to find


Attached are some small changes to your version:

I have added the sleep_until fix.

I have fixed a bug introduced in the patch by changing && by || in the
(min_sec > 0 && maxsock != -1) condition which was inducing errors with
multi-threads & clients...

I have factored out several error messages in "commandFailed", in place of
the "metaCommandFailed", and added the script number as well in the error
messages. All messages are now specific to the failed command.

I have added two states to the machine:

  - CSTATE_CHOOSE_SCRIPT which simplifies threadRun, there is now one call
    to chooseScript instead of two before.

  - CSTATE_END_COMMAND which manages is_latencies and proceeding to the
    next command, thus merging the three instances of updating the stats
    that were in the first version.

The later state means that processing query results is included in the per
statement latency, which is an improvement because before I was getting
some transaction latency significantly larger that the apparent sum of the
per-statement latencies, which did not make much sense...

Ok. I agree that makes more sense.

I have added & updated a few comments.

Thanks! Committed.

There are some places where the break could be a pass through
instead, not sure how desirable it is, I'm fine with break.

I left them as "break". Pass-throughs are error-prone, and make it more difficult to read, IMHO. The compiler will optimize it into a pass-through anyway, if possible and worthwhile, so there should be no performance difference.

- Heikki

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