Can we please keep this topic in one thread? Anybody motivated to apply
these isn't going to have an easy time applying things, and everyone
else is just having a harder time sorting through the mails.

On 2016-09-27 17:08:24 -0700, Mark Dilger wrote:
> along the lines of other similar emails from me of late,
> I tried to avoid casting away const when using the FileName
> typedef.  There are several calls where a (const char *) has to
> be cast to (char *) due to FileName being typedef'd as
> non-const.  But changing the typedef to const doesn't seem to
> conflict with any code in the source tree.

I think the better fix here is to simply remove the typedef. It doesn't
seem to have much of a benefit, and makes using correct types harder as
demonstrated here. We don't even use it internally in fd.c..


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