Tomas Vondra wrote:

> 4) HandleParallelMessage needs a tweak, as it uses msg->len in a log 
> message, but with '%d' and not '%ld' (as needed after changing the type 
> to Size).

This could be %zu for the Size type. It's supported by elog().

However, it occurs to me that if we don't claim the 2GB..4GB range for
the CopyData message, because its Int32 length is not explicitly
unsigned as mentioned upthread, then it should follow that we don't
need to change StringInfo.{len,maxlen} from int type to Size type.

We should just set the upper limit for StringInfo.maxlen to
(0x7fffffff-1) instead of MaxAllocHugeSize for stringinfos with the
allow_long flag set, and leave the len and maxlen fields to their
original, int type.

Does that make sense?

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Daniel Vérité
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