Brandon Craig Rhodes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> While learning how to read query trees, I have been puzzled by the
> assertion in the manual that the :resultRelations of an INSERT holds
> `the table (or view!) where the changes take effect,' because in all
> of the INSERTs I have generated the resultRelation in fact appears
> empty,

You seem to be confusing resultRelation with resultRelations.  The
documentation is speaking of the former.  Of the latter, parsenodes.h

     * If the resultRelation turns out to be the parent of an inheritance
     * tree, the planner will add all the child tables to the rtable and
     * store a list of the rtindexes of all the result relations here.
     * This is done at plan time, not parse time, since we don't want to
     * commit to the exact set of child tables at parse time.  This field
     * ought to go in some sort of TopPlan plan node, not in the Query.
    List       *resultRelations;    /* integer list of RT indexes, or NIL */

Note in particular that this only gets set when the target is an
inheritance tree --- which, by definition, it never is for INSERT.

                        regards, tom lane

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