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> Well, I promised to post this, so here it is.  It's not really working
> all that well at this point, and it's definitely not doing anything
> that interesting, but you can see the outline of what I have in mind.
> Since Kyotaro Horiguchi found that my previous design had a
> system-wide performance impact due to the ExecProcNode changes, I
> decided to take a different approach here: I created an async
> infrastructure where both the requestor and the requestee have to be
> specifically modified to support parallelism, and then modified Append
> and ForeignScan to cooperate using the new interface.  Hopefully that
> means that anything other than those two nodes will suffer no
> performance impact.  Of course, it might have other problems....
> Some notes:
> - EvalPlanQual rechecks are broken.
> - EXPLAIN ANALYZE instrumentation is broken.
> - ExecReScanAppend is broken, because the async stuff needs some way
> of canceling an async request and I didn't invent anything like that
> yet.
> - The postgres_fdw changes pretend to be async but aren't actually.
> It's just a demo of (part of) the interface at this point.
> - The postgres_fdw changes also report all pg-fdw paths as
> async-capable, but actually the direct-modify ones aren't, so the
> regression tests fail.
> - Errors in the executor can leak the WaitEventSet.  Probably we need
> to modify ResourceOwners to be able to own WaitEventSets.
> - There are probably other bugs, too.
> Whee!
> Note that I've tried to solve the re-entrancy problems by (1) putting
> all of the event loop's state inside the EState rather than in local
> variables and (2) having the function that is called to report arrival
> of a result be thoroughly different than the function that is used to
> return a tuple to a synchronous caller.
> Comments welcome, if you're feeling brave enough to look at anything
> this half-baked.

Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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