On 2016/09/29 20:03, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Amit Langote
<langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
How about the attached that teaches
extract_query_dependencies() to add a foreign table and associated foreign
data wrapper and foreign server to invalItems.  Also, it adds plan cache
callbacks for respective caches.

Although this is a better solution than the previous one, it
invalidates the query tree along with the generic plan. Invalidating
the query tree and the generic plan required parsing the query again
and generating the plan. Instead I think, we should invalidate only
the generic plan and not the query tree.


The attached patch adds the
dependencies from create_foreignscan_plan() which is called for any
foreign access. I have also added testcases to test the functionality.
Let me know your comments on the patch.

Hmm.  I'm not sure that that's a good idea.

I was thinking the changes to setrefs.c proposed by Amit to collect that dependencies would be probably OK, but I wasn't sure that it's a good idea that he used PlanCacheFuncCallback as the syscache inval callback function for the foreign object caches because it invalidates not only generic plans but query trees, as you mentioned downthread. So, I was thinking to modify his patch so that we add a new syscache inval callback function for the caches that is much like PlanCacheFuncCallback but only invalidates generic plans.

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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