Masahiko Sawada schrieb am 30.09.2016 um 12:54:
I did this on two different computers, one with Windows 10 the other with 
Windows 7.
(only test-databases, so no real issue anyway)

In both cases running a "vacuum full" for the table in question fixed the 
problem and pg_upgrade finished without problems.

Because vacuum full removes the _vm file, pg_upgrade completed job successfully.
If you still have the _vm file
("d:/Daten/db/pgdata95/base/16410/85358_vm") that lead an error, is it
possible that you check if there is '\r\n' [0d 0a] character in that
_vm file or share that _vm file with us?

Yes, I saved one of the clusters.

The file can be downloaded from here:

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