23.09.2016 21:06, Peter Eisentraut:
Here is an updated patch set.  Compared to the initial set, I have
changed pg_dump's sorting priorities so that sequence data is always
after table data.  This would otherwise have introduced a problem
because sortDataAndIndexObjectsBySize() only considers consecutive
DO_TABLE_DATA entries.  Also, I have removed the separate
--sequence-data switch from pg_dump and made it implicit in
--binary-upgrade.  (So the previous patches 0002 and 0003 have been
combined, because it's no longer a separate feature.)

The patches are good, no complaints.
But again, I have the same question.
I was confused, why do we always dump sequence data,
because I'd overlooked the --sequence-data key. I'd rather leave this option,
because it's quite non intuitive behaviour...
 /* dump sequence data even in schema-only mode */

Anastasia Lubennikova
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
The Russian Postgres Company

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