Pavel Raiskup <> writes:
> Hi, we observed issues with parallel make during RPM build in plpython,
> seems like the attached patch 0002 should help.  Feel free to reject 0001,
> but comment like that would save some time to me as a "newcomer" into that
> Makefile.

Hi Pavel!

> The submake-generated-headers can't be used as 'all' prerequisite
> at the same level with with 'all-lib', because
> 'submake-generated-headers' is actually prerequisite for
> 'all-libs' in this makefile.  So use submake-generated-headers as
> $(OBJS) prerequisite, as several object files depend on it.

D'oh.  This is my fault, IIRC.  Will fix.

> Move the 'all' target before include statement, according to
> documentation in Makefile.shlib.

Hm, actually that's unnecessary because already
established 'all' as the default target.  I'm inclined to think
that the comment in Makefile.shlib is wrong and should be removed
or at least rewritten, because I doubt it would work at all to
include Makefile.shlib before; certainly that's
not the intended usage.

> ! # gram.y=>gram.c.  Run `info make -n "Empty Recipes"` for more info.
I'm okay with pointing people at that part of the gmake docs, but don't
care for insisting on exactly one way of accessing those docs.  How
about something like "... See "Empty Recipes" in the GNU Make docs for
more info."?

[ checks around... ]  Wait, actually there's a bigger problem: this
advice is apparently gmake-version-specific.  I don't see any
such section title in RHEL6's version of the gmake docs (make 3.81).
I do find a section titled "Using Empty Commands", which looks like
it might be the same thing, but a person looking for "Empty Recipes" is
not going to find that.  Is it worth the trouble to provide this pointer
if we need a lot of weasel wording about how the section name is spelled?

                        regards, tom lane

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