Re: Fabien COELHO 2016-10-03 <alpine.DEB.2.20.1610031259400.19411@lancre>
> > I "\set" a bunch of lengthy SQL commands in there, e.g.
> I agree that this looks like a desirable feature, however I would tend to
> see that as material for another independent patch.

Sure, my question was by no means intending to stop your pgbench patch
from going forward by adding extra requirements.

> Hmmm. I'm not sure how this is parsed. If this is considered a string '...',
> then maybe \set should wait for the end of the string instead of the end of
> the line, i.e. no continuation would be needed...
>  \set config '
>     SELECT name, ...
>            CASE ... END
>     FROM pg_settings
>     WHERE ...;'

I guess that would be the sane solution here, yes. Not adding any \
chars at the end of the line would also mean cut-and-paste of the RHS
content would work.

Thanks for the feedback!


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