On Sat, 1 Oct 2016 16:52:34 +0700
Dmitry Dolgov <9erthali...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > I've tried to compile this patch with current state of master
> > (commit 51c3e9fade76c12)  and found out that, when configured with  
> --enable-cassert,
> > it doesn't pass make check.  
> Thanks for the feedback. Yes, unexpectedly for me, `ExecEvalExpr` can
> return expanded `jbvArray` and `jbvObject` instead `jbvBinary` in
> both cases. It's interesting, that this doesn't break anything, but
> obviously violates the `pushJsonbValueScalar` semantics. I don't
> think `ExecEvalExpr` should be changed for jsonb, we can handle this
> situation in `pushJsonbValue` instead. I've
> attached a new version of patch with this modification.

Thanks for you quick responce. I've not yet thoroughly investigated new
patch, but already noticed some minor promlems:

Git complains about whitespace in this version of patch:

$ git apply ../generic_type_subscription_v2.patch
../generic_type_subscription_v2.patch:218: tab in indent.
        int     first;
../generic_type_subscription_v2.patch:219: tab in indent.
        int     second;
../generic_type_subscription_v2.patch:225: tab in indent.
        SubscriptionExecData            *sbsdata = (SubscriptionExecData *) 
../generic_type_subscription_v2.patch:226: tab in indent.
        Custom                                          *result = (Custom *) 
../generic_type_subscription_v2.patch:234: tab in indent.
        SubscriptionRef    *sbsref = (SubscriptionRef *) PG_GETARG_POINTER(0);
warning: squelched 29 whitespace errors
warning: 34 lines add whitespace errors.

It doesn't prevent me from further testing of patch, but worth noticing.



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