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> > Well, no. We normally don't give special treatment to any minor release
> > not even if it is going to die.
> > What normally happens is that all minor releases are released the same
> >
> > Taken your example, that same day were released: 9.0.23, 9.1.19, 9.2.14,
> > 9.3.10 and 9.4.5
> >
> Thanks for clarification.  Then, I understood that the expression "stop
releases in September" in the release note and a pgsql-announce mail was
not correct.

It basically means stop guaranteeing that we do. As of a couple of days
ago, bug fixes won't necessarily be back ported to 9.1 if they are
difficult. But there will be one wrap-up release in November with any
patches that have already been applied but have not yet been in a release.
And after November, we will stop doing that as well.


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