Stephen Frost <> writes:
> * Tom Lane ( wrote:
>> It might be a good idea to retroactively modify 9.1-9.3 so that there
>> are some blobs in the final state, for purposes of testing pg_dump and
>> pg_upgrade.

> I certainly think that would be a good idea.  I thought we had been
> insisting on coverage via the regression tests for a lot farther back
> than 9.4. though perhaps that was only for newer features and we never
> went back and added it for existing capabilities.

Well, there were regression tests for blobs for a long time, but they
carefully cleaned up their mess.  It was only in 70ad7ed4e that we
made them leave some blobs behind.

I took a quick look at back-patching that commit, but the test would
need to be rewritten to not depend on features that don't exist
further back (like \gset), which likely explains why I didn't do it
at the time.

                        regards, tom lane

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