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> ...
In total, I plan to test combinations of:

(a) Dilip's workload and pgbench (regular and -N)
(b) logged and unlogged tables
(c) scale 300 and scale 3000 (both fits into RAM)
(d) sync_commit=on/off

sounds sensible.

Thanks for doing the tests.

FWIW I've started those tests on the big machine provided by Oleg and Alexander, an estimate to complete all the benchmarks is 9 days. The results will be pushed

   to https://bitbucket.org/tvondra/hp05-results/src

after testing each combination (every ~9 hours). Inspired by Robert's wait event post a few days ago, I've added wait event sampling so that we can perform similar analysis. (Neat idea!)

While messing with the kernel on the other machine I've managed to misconfigure it to the extent that it's not accessible anymore. I'll start similar benchmarks once I find someone with console access who can fix the boot.


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