On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 11:03 AM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> Currently, we have the following OS-specific configure templates in
> src/template:
> aix
> cygwin
> darwin
> freebsd
> hpux
> linux
> netbsd
> openbsd
> sco
> solaris
> unixware
> win32
> There is at least one active buildfarm critter testing each of these
> except "sco" and "unixware".  I can't find any evidence in the buildfarm
> database that we've *ever* had a SCO OpenServer buildfarm member.  There
> were a couple of UnixWare members, but the last one was last heard from
> on 2012-10-30 (around when 9.2 was released).  Mentions of these platforms
> in the commit logs thin out to about nothing after 2008.
> I think we should stop supporting those two platforms; to wit, we should
> remove those template files and remove all supporting code and
> documentation references to those platforms.  We can always put that stuff
> back if someone shows up who's got enough interest to run a buildfarm
> member.  But right now I'd say our support for those platforms is likely
> to be hopelessly bit-rotted anyway, and it's more than likely that no one
> cares.

It looks like the official upgrade path for both is to the new
OpenServer 10 from SCO's acquirers:


It seems they are using virtualisation to help people migrate from the
ancient System V-based releases, but OpenServer 10 is a FreeBSD
derivative and has "support for the FreeBSDĀ® Ports and Packages
Collection".  So we already support that without doing anything at

The System V-based SCO operating systems are museum pieces and it
wouldn't make any sense for anyone to think about running PostgreSQL
10 on them.  +1 for dropping support.

Thomas Munro

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