Tom Lane wrote:
>> PostgreSQL itself seems to use export files that explicitly declare the
>> exported symbols, so it gets away without these decorations.
> Except that we don't.  There aren't PGDLLEXPORT markings for any
> functions exported from contrib modules, and we don't use dlltool
> on them either.  By your argument, none of contrib would work on
> Windows builds at all, but we have a ton of buildfarm evidence and
> successful field use to the contrary.  How is that all working?

I thought it was the job of src/tools/msvc/ to generate
.DEF files?  In the buildfarm logs I can find lines like:

  Generating CITEXT.DEF from directory Release\citext, platform x64
  Generating POSTGRES_FDW.DEF from directory Release\postgres_fdw, platform x64

which are emitted by

Laurenz Albe

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