I would like to see PostgreSQL eventually support XQuery:


I see potentially an alternative front end called xsql, providing
substantially the same functionality as psql, only using XQuery syntax and
optionally returning recordsets as XML.

Anybody want to put together a team to explore this seriously? There are
probably several non-trivial semantic issues on the back end, but I only
dimly grasp them at this point.

- Bob Calco

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%% XSLT could be used to convert virtually any xml table format directly
%% into an insert statement.  For me, this is better than using a
%% programming language plus a parser.  XSLT is quite powerful and fast and
%% is build on top of xpath, and is a closer fit to the declarative
%% programming model of sql.  Validation could be done at the xslt stage or
%% with schemas, which I prefer.
%% > Acually, the difficult part has been getting the information back
%% > into the database. Getting it out is a very simple query. I imagine
%% > that every language/environment has an SQL->XML library somewhere,
%% > but I wasn't able to find something that would go from XML to SQL.
%% >
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