Hi All,

As we are planning to change an extension name from one name to another
name because of additional features that are added into this extension, so
the name is not matching, so we decided
to change the name, but it is causing problem to the already existing
installations with old extension
name tries to upgrade to a new version.

9.5 + 'extension_name1' -> 9.6 + 'extension_name2' fails during pg_upgrade
when it tries to load
the extension and it's object dependencies on 9.6. If we keep the same
extension name then it passed.

Is there any possibility to change the extension name without causing the
pg_upgrade failure with minimal changes?

I just thought of adding the support of (ALTER EXTENSION name RENAME To
newname), this can be executed before executing the pg_upgrade to the new
extension name that is available in the
newer version.

Is there any simpler way to change the extension name, if not any opinion
about adding the syntax support to rename an extension?

Hari Babu
Fujitsu Australia

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