On 13.10.2016 11:54, Emre Hasegeli wrote:

Maybe also better to use -> instead of AND? AND would has another
behaviour. I could create the following configuration:

    ALTER MAPPING FOR asciiword, asciihword, hword_asciipart,
    word, hword, hword_part
    WITH (german_ispell AND english_ispell) OR simple;

which will return both german_ispell and english_ispell results. But
I'm not sure that this is a good solution.

I see you usecase for AND.  It might indeed be useful.  AND suits well to it.

Maybe THEN can be the keyword instead of -> for pass the results to
subsequent dictionaries.  They are all reserved keywords.  I guess it
wouldn't be a problem to use them.

I agree with THEN. It is better than using -> I think. I suppose it wouldn't be a problem too. I think it is necessary to fix gram.y and implement logic with OR, AND and THEN.

Of course if this syntax will be implemented, old syntax with commas
also should be maintained.

Yes, we should definitely.  The comma can be interpreted either one of
the keywords depending on left hand side dictionary.

I would be glad to review, if you develop this feature.

Then I will develop it :). But I suppose I can do it a few days or weeks later, because I have other tasks with higher priority.

BTW, I've already implemented USING option a few weeks before https://github.com/select-artur/postgres/tree/join_tsconfig . But of course it is not useful now.

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