Re: Aleksander Alekseev 2016-10-12 <20161012111527.GA17916@e733.localdomain>
> Hello.
> First patch fixes:
> ```
> pg_filedump.c: In function ‘FormatItem’:
> pg_filedump.c:994:18: error: ‘SizeOfIptrData’ undeclared (first use in
>                       this function)
>    if (numBytes < SizeOfIptrData)
> ```
> After 8023b582 there is no more SizeOfIptrData macro.

Thanks, pushed to filedump git.

> Second patch fixes Makefile. On some systems (notably FreeBSD) there is
> no `gcc` by default. Using `cc` is a more crossplatform way to compile a
> project.

I think we just shouldn't set CC at all. Pushed along with some more
usage of pg_config.


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