Tom Lane wrote:
> Stas Kelvich <> writes:
> > Statistics sender logic during usual commit and two-phase commit do not
> > strictly matches each other and that leads to delta_live_tuples added to
> > n_live_tup in case of truncate in two phase commit.
> Yeah, that code says it's supposed to match AtEOXact_PgStat, but it
> doesn't.

Hmm, oops.

> I pushed this, but without the regression test case, which would have
> failed outright in any test run with max_prepared_transactions = 0.

I agree that that was the right approach.  Thanks for taking care of it!

> I wonder if we could make that better by making the stats collector
> track stats by relfilenode rather than table OID.  It'd be a pretty
> major logic change, though, to serve a corner case.

Hm, that's an idea.

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