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> Unless I'm mistaken TCP_CORK is not necessarily going to work across all
> platforms (e.g. Windows), although SO_LINGER (which is more standard) also
> helps here.

Yeah, true.

You can also twiddle TCP_NODELAY on and off on other platforms.

Anyway, my point is that it's not likely to be crucial, especially
since even without socket options the host will often do packet
combining if the queue isn't empty.

> Unless I'm mistaken, in the extended protocol you can't combine multiple ;
> delimited queries in a single Parse - that's a feature supported only by the
> Query message of the simple protocol. But then, if you're in the simple
> protocol Sync doesn't play any role, does it? I mean, a Query message
> behaves as though it's implicitly followed by a Sync message - an error in a
> previous Query message doesn't cause later messages to be skipped.

Right, good point. So that concern isn't relevant.

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