Andreas Seltenreich <> writes:
> Tom Lane writes:
>> Seems sane, though I wonder if it'd be better to use -INT_MAX rather

> I am undecided between those two.  -INT_MAX might be a more precise fix
> for the problem, but the extra distance to the danger zone was kind of
> soothing :-).

Yeah, might as well use the tighter limit.

Poking around in varbit.c, I noticed some other places that were assuming
that a typmod couldn't exceed VARBITMAXLEN.  anybit_typmodin() enforces
that, but there are places where a user can shove in an arbitrary integer,

regression=# select "bit"(42, 2147483647);
ERROR:  invalid memory alloc request size 18446744073441116169

I fixed those too and pushed it.  Thanks for the report!

                        regards, tom lane

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