On 10/19/2016 12:06 PM, Umair Shahid wrote:

We are in the process of writing up draft notes for the upcoming update
releases. To initiate the process, we need to list out the major fixes
going into the release. Need help from -hackers to generate that list.

I think you need to read through the commit log, since the last minor releases. There's a script to help with that, in src/tools/git_changelog. You can do something like src/tools/git_changelog --since=2016-08-09 to list all commits since the last minor releases. Compared to plain "git log", it lists commits from all the stable branches, and back-ported commits are listed only once.

Off the top of my head, these two recent commits were quite significant:

1c02ee314bc17ba0ff226c33a64935d02ff1208a (FSM corruption leading to errors)

a5f0bd77a2fab60a52dc335a63efc21abc806aa7 (use-after-free around DISTINCT transition function calls.)

There have been a lot of other commits, though.

- Heikki

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