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> Hello,
> After all these years, we are still regularly running into people who say,
> "performance was bad so we disabled autovacuum". I am not talking about once
> in a while, it is often. I would like us to consider removing the autovacuum
> option. Here are a few reasons:
> 1. It does not hurt anyone

I disagree.

It's important for a number of tests, and can be very useful when
doing diagnostic work. It's also important for some kinds of data
recovery efforts.

However, I do think the documentation needs to loudly warn users not
to turn it off, and that if they think vacuum is slowing their system
down they probably actually have to make it run MORE. The problem is
people not understanding autovac, and taking away the option to turn
it off won't help. They'll just find other ways to cripple it.

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