Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Justin Clift writes:
Yep, that's the first "Proof of Concept" build, and it *prominently* has
a message at the start of the installation that says to email me with
any problems about it.

Maybe a so-called "Proof of Concept" build could be put into an area on the FTP server that conveys that fact in the directory names (like "test" or "contrib" or whatever). Because those who need a more production-grade build will likely confuse this.

That's probably not a bad idea.

It has warnings *all over it* (main window title, big warning messages during the install, etc), but we know from experience that some people don't read anything and just click the Next button until things finish.

Marc, what do you feel? How about a "testing" or "development" or similar base directory on the website to put testing releases?

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