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I had written a piece of code about two years ago that used the
aggregate feature of PostgreSQL to create an array of integers from an
aggregate, as:

select int_array_aggregate( column ) from table group by column

Do I understand correctly that this still follows the normal rules for grouping, so that only like values are put in the array?

Example: column has values 1,1,1,2,2 spread over 5 rows.
Your query returns two rows with row1={1,1,1} and row2 = {2,2} this

Actually, it is more intended to put all the entries in a "one to many" table in a single column, as:

create table classic_one_to_many
   leftside    integer,
   rightside    integer

create table fast_lookup as select leftside, int_array_aggregate(rightside) from classic_one_to_many group by leftside;

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