Craig Ringer wrote:

> I initially could'n't see this when tested on 8f1fb7d with a
> src/test/recovery/t test script. But it turns out it's OK on immediate
> shutdown and crash recovery, but not on clean shutdown and restart.

Oh, oops.

> The attached patch adds a TAP test to src/test/recovery to show this.

I moved it to src/test/modules/commit_ts and pushed.  src/test/recovery
is not currently run by buildfarm, except hamster, unless the bf client
has been patched since I last looked.  But that's not the reason I moved
it, but rather because the other location seemed better.  I also fixed
the wrongly pasted comment at the top of the file while at it.

If this disrupts the buildfarm in any way I will just revert it

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