Jonathan Katz <> writes:
> Below is the draft of the press release for the update this Thursday:

> <;a=blob;f=update_releases/current/;h=aac4d0b36f3f3017d319ac617eff901efe0c10c0;hb=880dc99766ee0e608e95d9c0f36ce3cde59f470f>

Couple thoughts:

* I don't believe that the FSM truncation issue is specific to being "in
recovery".  The corruption itself would happen during crash/restart on
a master, or while a standby is following a WAL stream, but the effects
would be seen later.  Suggest just taking out "in recovery" from the

* Please clarify that the pg_upgrade VM issue is only in 9.6.0.

* The recipe for recovery from the VM issue is oversimplified.
Rather than trying to explain how to fix it here, I'd suggest
pointing to the wiki page we've created about that,

Looks good to me otherwise.

                        regards, tom lane

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